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Industrial Disputes & Labour Laws

Our Lawyers are adept in understanding the highly complex labour issues and other employment related matters at all levels. We constantly advice our clients on the issues relating to Industrial Disputes Act, Workman Compensation Act, Industrial Standing Instructions, Payment of Bonus Act, Minimum Wages Act, Factories Act, ESI Act, PF Act, Shop and Establishment Act and other related acts and rules.

Our key areas of expertise and experience:

  • Drafting of Human Resource and Work Policy/Strategy;
  • Compliance of Labour Laws;
  • Drafting of Strategies for Workmen Safety, Insurance and Compensation;
  • Advising on the Implication of Labour Laws in case of Merger, Acquisition & Take-over, Closures, Lock-outs- Retrenchment amongst others;
  • Negotiation of redundancy packages;
  • Employment contracts advice;
  • Confidentiality, non-compete and restraint of trade clauses;
  • Litigations on all kinds of matters at all Labour Courts/Other Forums